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The Last Christians

A group of young men founded a militia calles 'The Christian State' in order to defeat ISIS in open battle.

5:00 pm
Sep 19
Runtime: 27:00

In 2015, the Canadian tourist Alan Eden stumbles across a
network of German paramilitary soldiers, who founded the so called
'Christian State' in order to defeat ISIS. As he digs deeper, he gets
tangled up in an obscure world of sophomoric delusion driven by the
soldier's misguided longing for significance.

Director/Writer : David Lichtenauer
Cinematographer : Manuel Schamberger
Major Michael Schilling : Daniel Grave
Alan Eden : J. David Hinze
High Priest Hartmut Holbein : Michael S. Ruscheinsky
Barbara Schilling : Anne Diedering
Lieutenant Reichmann : Pavel Fieber
Corporal Ottenbreit : Falko Luniak