Official Selections

Signal to Noise

As a cult leader prepares his flock for spiritual ascension, one woman is starting to have doubts…

11:15 pm
Sep 18
Runtime: 10:00

We are with a cult as they experience their last day on Earth. Beth serves cake to prepare their bodies for ascension. Roy furiously works on an antennae to harness the power of the sun crystals. Wagner makes a documentary about it all-- preserving this moment for history. But Meg-- Meg has doubts. Meg is starting to think that maybe… just maybe... this is all just a little bit crazy.

Based on research into the workings of con artists and cult leaders, this mockumentary by writer-director Penny Penniston explores the power of delusion and reminds us that even the craziest of beliefs can have the most chilling of real world consequences.

Director of Photography : Robert Nachman
Wagner : Alex Nee
The Homeless Man : Tom Beyer