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Donut Shop Poster

Donut Shop

12:40 pm
Feb 21
Runtime: 12:00
Festival: 2021
Genre: Sci-Fi

It’s Saturday night, but to Tom Phillips, a manager at a hip fast food donut shop, it’s just another day on the job serving customers, cleaning unknown substances from the floor, and protecting the shop from various robbers and vagrants. Seems normal enough, but what are the strange noises coming from the back room? Why don’t the regular patrons seem to notice them? And how come the customers can’t seem to stop eating the donuts?

Writer/Director/Producer : James Rogers-Gahan
Producer/Eloise : Jennifer Sklias-Gahan
Producer : Patrick McDevitt
Tom : Carter Winter
Melissa : Rebekah Underhill
Elvis Freshey : Michael Catlege-Johnson
Benjamin : Verlon Brown
Bartholomew : Joe Apollonio
Margaret : Jenna Sofia
The Alien : Matt Atwater