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Faith Ties

Chris will drink himself to death in his alley; unless Angel can figure out how to pierce his broken heart.


6:36 min.






Alone and lashing out at anyone who comes his way, Chris
has given up on life after a devastating personal loss. His guilt
over how his wife and young daughter died has made him
into the man we meet in The Alley.

Angel mysteriously appears in Chris's alley. Chris tries
everything to push Angel out of his alley but is surprised that
he can't even get close to Angel to deliver a proper
"whoopin". Chris reluctantly engages in conversation with
Angel and Chris is convinced that Angel is just a delusional
miscreant suffering from too many drugs; why else would he
think he's an Angel?

Angel has his own divine agenda, but the question is; can
Angel get past Chris’s hardened heart and get him back into
life? Or will Chris's abused liver end his life first?