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Terms and Conditions

Upon her retirement from her crummy job, a sixty-five year old salty cougar decides after five failed marriages and raising her pain in the neck kids it's time to live her dream of making it big in Hollywood. After all, how hard can it be?


8:21 min.






After ditching her retirement party given by her boring uptight co-workers, Barb(60s) salty retired cougar, decides to celebrate her retirement and live her life according to her own Terms and Conditions , with her best friend, Penny(60s) , a real straight shooter. When she makes her plans for stardom known to Penny, she already has her first audition to go to. Penny is a bit skeptical about Barbs ambitions, however, Barb is not deterred after all, "Meryl Streep practically shits golden statues, how hard could it really be? " When she arrives to the audition it's clear that Barb may be in for more than she has bargained for. But she will not be deterred. Barbara Streisand , eat your hear out! There's a new Barb in town and she is not backing down. Because Barb knows with every new day in Hollywood "A Star is Born."