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Infernum Monologue- Lucifer’s Challenge Poster

Infernum Monologue- Lucifer’s Challenge

Breaking the fourth wall, a patient possessed by Lucifer challenges to those she's trapped to survive the Nine Circles of Hell to win their freedom.


4:30 min.






When a patient in mental asylum fears for her soul, she is written off as a Paranoid Schizophrenic. But as she spirals further down within her, she becomes Lucifer (Played by Tindy C Chaggar) the celestial, vengeful, sociopathic Archangel. Crossing from the planes of her own reality, she breaks the Fourth Wall and addresses the audience watching. Telling of her origin, her defiance of Heaven and how she came to be and how her hatred of humanity festered. Explaining that she has trapped all those watching her right now in the realm of limbo and taken ownership of their souls. But out of sheer boredom challenges the audience to win their freedom. However, to do this they must travel through the Nine Circles of Hell and face every unimaginable fear. If they get through the other side, they win their freedom and cleanse their souls...Fail and they're souls belong to Lucifer regardless. With her parting words, Lucifer proclaims "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter. Good Luck!" Leaving it up to the viewer what they do next.


Writer/Director : Rajnish Sharma


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