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The Alc-Man

After his arch nemesis comes back, a retired superhero Alc-Man is forced to train his rebellious daughter to follow in his footsteps to protect herself.




For a long long time, the world had been threatened by the evil god of alcohol, Booze The Great (Robert L. Wilson), and his alcoholic army monsters (Kevin Dary).

Jack Adams (Jef Maldonado) was an Alc-Man, a superhero who transforms by drinking alcohol to fight against Booze. Four years ago, Jack drank alcohol way over his limit and managed to repel Booze, but his beloved wife Saki (Natsuko Aoike) was involved in the battle and died. As a result, Jack's liver was deadly damaged and he stopped drinking alcohol to be the Alc-Man, or he would die.

Now retired Jack lives with his 10-year-old rebellious daughter Mari (Sophia Smith) but their relationship is wounded because Mari thinks her mother Saki's death was Jack's fault. Then, one day suddenly Booze has returned. Daniel Vodwiski (James Nichols II), the secretary of the governmental organization S.H.O.T., Special Hazard Operations and Tactics, tells Jack that his daughter Mari who inherited his super power is the last hope to defeat Booze...

Will Jack train Mari to be a new Alc-Man? Can she defeat Booze? Now, an epic battle with the father-daughter duo begins!


Director/Writer/Executive Producer : Hiroki Ohsawa
Cinematographer : Yuk Hong Law
Jack Adams : Jef Maldonado
Mari Adams : Sophia Smith
Booze the Great : Robert L. Wilson
Daniel Vodwiski : James Nichols II
Saki Adams : Natsuko Aoike
Wei in TV News : Masato Di Santo