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A squad of Stormtroopers are transporting a POW with valuable information from Yavin 4, but getting off planet will test their mettle.


13:34 min.






A squad of Stormtroopers, en-route to deliver a high-value rebel prisoner to an Imperial base is shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, marooning them deep in the jungles of Yavin 8. After regrouping they head to an extraction point where they’ll be able to escape from the planet once more and complete their mission.

Their path will lead them through the jungles of Yavin 4, a moon that was once known as a rebel hotbed. Though resistance is far from what is used to be there, our unknowing band of stormtroopers will learn that rebellions, like the ideologies that guide them aren’t so easily plucked from their roots.

Along the way a Stormtrooper only known by his call sign “TK-423” gets into an argument with the POW about who is fighting for “good” in this intergalactic war. Neither the prisoner or TK-423 are able to see it from the others point of view. Each of the men have deep convictions as to why they fight for their respective sides and no clear good and evil can be determined.

The squad’s journey eventually delivers them into a meticulously planned rebel ambush. A fierce firefight ensues claiming lives on both sides including TK-423’s dear friend and battle companion TK-533. When the dust settles, a shellshocked TK-423 realizes the rebel prisoner is fleeing. Not wanting the death of his comrades to be for nothing TK-423 pursues the general, only to find himself in a sudden standoff with another rebel soldier. He quickly realises they share a mutual past, and in a bizarre twist decides to reveal himself and let the rebel go.