Official Selections

Fam Club

A mockumentary series starring the nerdy brother and sister Drake keeps hidden in Canada.

1:00 pm
Sep 16
3:00 pm
Sep 15

Somewhere in an undisclosed Canadian suburb, global rap superstar Drake hides his darkest secret.... his brother and sister. Meet Norman and Genevieve Graham, Canada's most nerdy, excitable hidden treasures. Fam Club is a mockumentary series that chronicles the day to day lives of the two people Drake cannot afford for the world to know about. Sequestered in an unassuming suburban home, guarded by security and accompanied by an on-call therapist/babysitter, Norman and Genevieve live a joyful life of music, dancing, arts and crafts, junk food, friends, furious neighbors, and the unstoppable power of family. Welcome to The Grahamily.

Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Director : Nick Casalini
Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Editor/Genevieve : Graham Muriel Montgomery
Norman Graham : Tony Tucker
Dr. Thompson : Randolph Thompson