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Wettlaufers Widow Poster

Wettlaufers Widow

He never loved her, but he learned to respect her.


30:00 min.




The madness that took place in that house is as real as this conversation. I swear that everyting I tell you is true.

Agnes Wettlaufer reads too many stories. The police don’t believe her. But listen in as she tells it. A loving husband suddenly descends into murderous madness? Something doesn’t add up.

Listen in and follow her down.

Why it happened I do not know. I know only one thing, it was not of this world.


Agnes Wettlaufer : Margrethe Røed
Director : Kristian Moe
Writer : Espen Aukan
Make-up artist : Gudmund Saksvik
Cinematographer : Thomas Søbstad
Producer : Frode Dreier
Producer : Marius Øfsti
Executive Producer : Ulf Tønder Flittig
Sound Editor : Adam Andersson
Sound Editor : Peder Lindvær
Rikard Sylvander : Arne Reitan
Agnes Wettlaufer : Margrethe Røed
Ernst Wettlaufer : Sven Veine