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In one night, the lives of a young couple are changed forever, when they get mugged and locked in the trunk of their own car.

6:00 pm
Sep 14
Runtime: 13:38

Adapted from a story by best-selling author Steven Heighton, UNION follows JUSTIN, a law-
abiding, male nurse who works hard to provide for his artist fiancé, JANNA.

Justin gives Janna a ride to her downtown art studio, although he doesn’t like that she paints
there at night. He’s worried for her safety, but she feels stifled by his concern.

While they argue, a gun-toting robber surprises them, takes their possessions and attempts to
steal their car—a 1980s Mercedes. Only, the Benz has a manual-transmission, and the unlucky
outlaw can’t drive stick-shift…

To buy himself time to escape, the robber entombs the couple in the trunk of their own car. Janna
blames an increasingly agitated Justin for their predicament. She thinks he should have overtaken
the robber.

A man walking past their car overhears their argument. This unholy savior is willing to free them
from the trunk for a small fee… Janna offers to pay him with her engagement ring, but
Justin—attempting to save their relationship—objects.

The man and Justin exchange heated words. The man opens the trunk, drags out Justin. At a
breaking point, Justin overtakes the man and beats him.

The film ends with a final twist.

Writer/Director : Micky Levy
Executive Producer : Emad Asfoury
Executive Producer : Steven Heighton
Co-Producer : Talia Shea Levin
Executive Producer : Brian R. Meade
Director of Photography : James Mathers