Official Selections

Underneath the Same Moon

A happily married man awakens from a coma losing the last five years of his life. His last recollection is buying a wedding ring...for his ex girlfriend. Will his heart remember what his brain forgot.

Runtime: 2:05:00

True love is put to the test when Tom & Kelly Miller are faced with a series of unfortunate events. Kelly is happily married but insecure that Tom may not have married her if she wasn't pregnant at the time. Tom is involved in a serious accident leaving him in a coma for 11 months. When he wakes he has lost the last 5 years of his memory including his marriage to Kelly. When doctor Butler suggests throwing him directly into a life he doesn't know or understand, could be detrimental, Kelly decides to play along. Tom is hellbent on pursuing his last memory his ex girlfriend Jessica. He decides to take a roadtrip from San Diego to San Francisco to meet with her. Kelly convinces Tom's sister Holly to ask Tom if she can ride along to a business trip and keep him company. A perfect opportunity for Kelly to make Tom fall in love all over again. Nothing bonds like a road trip. Especially when everything goes wrong.