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Millicent & me and The Apple Tree

Ella, a chimney sweep, finds Millicent, a lonely mouse puppet. Ella is then inspired, in musical fantasy, to explore her movie star dreams.

5:00 pm
Sep 19
Runtime: 9:42

In the style of a modern-day fairytale, Ella, an impoverished chimney sweep in Hollywood, (Heidi Schooler) finds Millicent, a lonely mouse puppet on Hollywood Blvd. Caring about the future of her new friend, Ella decides to bring Millicent back to her home with her. Ella continues to make her way home after a long night’s work, tired from her life’s situation that’s been weighing on her shoulders. Even her over-intoxicated landlady reminds her that the rent is due. All Ella yearns to do is to go to her secret place where she fantasizes about her dreams every night, and with this, it will make her life bearable…She heads to her rooftop, which is a magical place where anything can happen! Here, Ella's realistic world is brought into musical fantasy as she’s inspired by Millicent to explore her biggest wish ever: her wish of becoming a ... movie star!

Ella/Passionella & Millicent/Writer/Producer : Heidi Schooler
Director/Cinematographer/Writer : John Beaton Hill
Co-Producer : Shila Ommi
Co-Producer : Serene Zloof
Music : Marc Ellis
Additional Writing : Jules Feiffer