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Two young women explore an alien planet with the intentions of releasing the mysterious content of the canister that caused the demise of the STARIAN ship years ago.


8:50 min.




A tale of two unusual young girls, Aurora,(studious, obedient, introverted, and very analytical) and her counterpart Lia (an outspoken wild child bully who doesn't play by the rules.) who are taken into outer space by their parents on a scientific exploration. But when a scientific experiment goes horribly wrong, they are left alone and stranded together on the ship. This double act is put into a situation where they are forced together through uncontrollable circumstances. Everything has been taken away from these two girls...their families, their friends, and the means to operate this massive spaceship, The 1st Class STARIAN. They now have to fend for themselves in the most dangerous environment known to mankind, OUTER SPACE. Through their struggle for survival, an unlikely bond is formed and creates an impenetrable friendship that will overcome differences, and endure the dangers of outer space.

On board they find a mysterious canister that belonged to sector 426, a sector forbidden from all non essential personnel and is where all the scientific experiments were executed. Upon finding this canister, the girls may now have a clue to what might have caused the catastrophe. They decide, or more so Lia decided, to leave the ship in order to discover the content of the canister.

Could the content of the mysterious canister kill them? Will it provide the answers to their many questions? ...What exactly were the scientist trying to do out in space and why couldn't they do it back on Earth? Will it provide any clues as to what happened to their parents and the crew of the STARIAN?...?


Director : Eric Zaragoza
Producer : Mike Shafia
Cinematographer : Dustin Gardner
SCO Samantha Jones : Shannon Murray