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54 Blocks Poster

54 Blocks

A retired competitor returns to the local ‘Mouth Jenga’ tournament, challenging the sitting champion and causing a stir in the town.


11:56 min.




In 1992, while competing in the Dunedoo Annual Mouth Jenga Tournament, Tim Wilson was struck in the head with 54 wooden blocks, the injury causing him to retire from the elite sport. The injury occured due to the games prohibition of interfering with a falling tower, as such, no one could catch it. After 26 years, Tim Wilson has decided to return to the sport in an attempt to overcome his fears and reclaim the Mouth Jenga Championship. His return poses the first threat to current sitting champion Danielle ‘Daz’ Brooke in three years. Daz, an arrogant yet untouchable pillar in the Mouth Jenga community, treats Tim’s return as nothing more than gimmicky, and as such treats him with disrespect. They meet for the first time before the tournament begins, and as Tim attempts to extend the sportsmanly olive branch, Daz laughs in his face, belittling his return.

As the tournament begins, we see Tim and Daz progress quickly through the early rounds. As Tim, ever the sportsman, treats his fellow competitors with respect. Daz, confronted with his natural talent, begins to let the ugly side of Mouth Jenga rear it’s ugly head, as she taunts and belittles her fellow competitors. As Tim wins the semi-finals he has gathered a large crowd, leaving Daz in his shadow.

Tim, seemingly emotionally prepared for his first final in 26 years, regresses into fear as the competition begins, after Daz insults him with painful memories of his head injury. After Daz gets into his head, he plays round one too safely, and loses. Daz, realising that she really psyched him out of the game and upset him, decides to apologise and try get Tim’s head back in the game. After Daz’s pep talk, Tim enters round two with a new found confidence, easily beating Daz. Daz, starting to understand the meaning of sportsmanship, holds her tongue at her own loss, deciding to congratulate Tim.

As the final round begins, we see mutual sportsmanship and respect from Daz and Tim. Both at the top of their game, it’s anyones match. The audience cheers along at their phenomenal display of talent, until Tim accidentally puts Daz in the same situation he was in in 1992. As Daz attempts to reach a low block, the tower begins to fall, only to be caught by Tim. As Tim faces disqualification, Daz also grabs the tower, sacrificing her own victory of the Mouth Jenga Tournament.

After the championship is awarded to another semi-finalist, Tim and Daz reflect on the progress they’ve made; Tim getting over his fears, and Daz learning to be a better sportsman, and actually learning to enjoy the game.


Writer/Director : Jonty Davies-Conyngham
Producer : Georgia Adler
Producer : Lucy McDonald
Cinematographer : Matthew Ruki
Tim Wilson : Geoff Cordner
Toni Somersby : Belinda Delaney
Dan Brookes : Jade Ryan