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Happy Hob Kabob

A crazed old man recounts the journey of mind, body, and visual style he took to find the meaning of the greatest holiday, Hob Kabob.

3:00 pm
Sep 15
Runtime: 8:48

On the day of the year's most anticipated holiday, Hob Kabob, a house sits empty and remarkably un-festive. Suddenly, an old man, the Old Man, bursts through the window and begins to frantically explain why he doesn't have the three special items for Hob Kabob's celebration that he was tasked with gathering. While looking for the first item, whale nectar, he was ambushed by a bear and thrown deep into the sewers. By a stroke of luck, he met a whale in the sewer and managed to negotiate a goblet of its sweet nectar. Moving on to the second item, the Golden Cockalorum, the old man admits that he did not plan ahead and order the item online and therefore must break into a nearby mansion and steal one for himself. He successfully pinches the Golden Cockalorum and directs his story to the last item, eggs. victory seemed at hand, but while at the supermarket the Old Man reveals that he had a final violent confrontation with the bear who constantly harassed him. In the fight, the supermarket caught fire resulting in the loss of all the items and near death of the Old Man. Back in the present, the Old Man tells the last tearful note of his story before passing out. An unknown figure rises and carries him into bed. As the figure stands by the door, it is revealed to be the bear, who sheds a single tear before flicking off the light.

Director : Austin Frick
Original Score : Cole Funck