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In the age of information, a woman is concerned about what a major corporation is doing with our data, despite assurances that it's all completely benign.


15:30 min.




When Dana Davidson (Maggie Dewan-Smith) wants to take a DNA test to learn about her heritage and get a custom-designed fitness plan, her daughter, Tessa (Chelese Belmont), is skeptical about the company’s claims that they will protect the data that they collect from their customers’ DNA. Two years later, as Tessa encounters some trouble, first in her daily life and then during a late-night altercation, she realizes that her fears were not off base. When two detectives (Matthew Jayson Cwern & Marem Hassler) show up asking questions that they seem to already know the answers to, Tessa must face the consequences of both her and her mother’s actions.


Director/Cinematographer/Editor : Shannan Leigh Reeve
Writer/Producer/Tessa Davidson : Chelsea Belmont
Dana Davison : Maggie Dewan-Smith
Spokeswoman : Casey McKinnon
Peter Wilson : Elliot Rodriguez
Detective Cricket : Marem Hassler
Detective Carusso : Matthew Hayson Cwern
Natalie : Lindsay Davis
Testimonial : Mark Daugherty