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Dog Housecalls Poster

Dog Housecalls

Visually inspired by black and white panel cartoons in magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post, Dog Housecalls is about a Veterinarian Hospital and its animal inhabitants.


14:00 min.




Dr. Quentin Bark leads the staff at Veterinarian Hospital with sharp instinct and gentle devotion to his animal patients as they experience the common embarrassments of a modern day hospital. He is the calm center that keeps his patients and co-workers anchored, and his keen sense of smell comes in handy more than once. The Staff of Veterinarian Hospital include owl Strigie, the fluttery, administratively enthusiastic head of the hospital; reptile anesthesiologist Dr. Frankie who can’t help but flirt with his patients, and chief nurse Anna with her staff of animal workers. Dr. Bark’s patients include the nervous, hypochondriac hippopotamus Angus, whose neediness even manages to infiltrate Dr. Bark’s daydreams; Peggy, the down to earth but melodramatic pig, and Sherman, a gruff, wheelchair-bound bear.

Each segment sees Dr. Bark interacting with one of his many patients. Angus the Hippo uses a casual encounter with Dr. Bark in an elevator to look for free medical advice. Peggy the Pig is embarrassed by the ordeal of having to be weighed, and later undergoes the knife when Dr. Bark is called upon to operate and give her a brand new kidney. Dr. Bark’s historical daydreams collide with real life as he falls asleep during a staff meeting and dreams he’s present for the trial run of what would become the modern day syringe. Irascible bear Sherman encounters medical insurance bureaucracy in one segment, and incontinence and Sherman’s dream life are explored as Dr. Bark accompanies him on a late night trip to the bathroom.


Writer/Director : Greg Checketts
Writer : Jeff Etter
Producer : Margot Moss
Dr. Quentin Bark : Jeff Etter
Nurse Anna : Anna Pagan
Dr. Alexander Wood : Tom Antonellis
Nurse Chris : Christine Mallouf
Nurse Hippo : Andrea Slalom