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Black Champagne

An ancient, magical, Black civilization falls under attack by foreign invaders and they now must venture into the land of their enemies to restore their power.

10:00 pm
Sep 14
Runtime: 5:24

Black Champagne is an epic musical journey telling the story of a young priestess queen named Suraya and her confidant, priest king Jamari, who are both the spiritual and political leaders of an ancient, advanced, magical, Black civilization located on an island off the coast of Morocco. The people of this land refer to themselves as the Nemanyo and their ancestral stories hold that they descend from a group of beings that visited planet earth thousands of years ago from their home planet in the Sirius star system.

The Nemanyo people are gifted with a magical, symbiotic relationship with water that is kept alive by an enormous, thirty-thousand year old lotus flower that’s been nurtured and passed on from each generation since their ancestors brought it with them to earth.

Envious of their sacred power and magic, the Nemanyo fall under siege by militant, ruthless, foreign invaders led by the Czar of Chezidak and the young king and queen are captured and used for sport in front of thousands of spectators. Suraya and Jamari manage to escape, which infuriates their captor’s leader and he launches a devastating attack that sinks the Nemanyo’s city into the bottom of the ocean.

Left for dead, the Czar of Chezidak and his army make off with the powerful lotus and capture thousands of the Nemanyo people, while Suraya and Jamari lie deep beneath the rubble of their sunken city. Luckily, the spirit of the ocean creates a protective forcefield around the young king and queen and slowly nurtures them back to life.

By the time Suraya and Jamari arise from the depths of the ocean, the Czar of Chezidak has already tapped into the power of the lotus and is using it to not only rapidly advance the technology of his stronghold, but also to transform the Nemanyo into automaton slaves of the Chezidakian empire.

Guided by an intuitional distress signal from the lotus flower, the young king and queen set foot into the hostile land of Chezidak to reclaim their power and set their beloved Nemanyo people free.