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Wish Weasel Poster

Wish Weasel

In this campy 90s sci-fi fantasy, a magical weasel crash lands in Queens and befriends a girl who is down on her luck. They must work together to defeat the Wish Weasel’s evil brother to save Queens (and the Earth).


22:00 min.




After landing in Queens, the Wish Weasel meets a young woman named Tabitha and grants her wish for a new apartment. This wish is sensed by by the evil Wishomites. General Zorgo, the leader of the Wishomites, declares that they will travel to Earth and torture everyone with evil wishes and kill the Wish Weasel.

Wish Weasel’s Space friend, Space Detective, learns General Zorgo’s apocalyptic plan and comes to Earth to warn the Wish Weasel. The Wish Weasel, Space Detective, and Tabitha need to figure out how to stop General Zorgo from destroying Earth. It all ends with a climactic card battle in Astoria Park between Wish Weasel and General Zorgo.


Writer/Director : Dan McNamara
Producer : Daniel Florio
Producer : Mark Maloney
Producer/Cinematography : Chris Sciacco
Wish Weasel/Pom Pom/Wise One : Ricky Downes III
Space Detective : Mary Houlihan