Official Selections

The Passion Of Love

6:00 pm
Sep 14
Runtime: 1:20:00

The Passion of Love is a story about the spirit of two lovers who met in a past life and are trying to make their way into the 21 st Century together. This is a story where love has taken over the mind and influenced three couples in unique ways. In the film, the lovers will meet, get married and try to find a way into this new life. The film involves three main couples, one couple, the reincarnation of those two lovers from the past, will get married. One couple will try to reconcile to each other and the other couple will have a proposal. This riveting film is a must-see romance story full of love, passion and a little bit of drama. It promises to really captivate its viewers.

The show begins with the two lovers making a deal with the ancient Egyptian god Anubis to be reincarnated so that they can remain together into the future. We fast forward into 2018 where we see the first couple, Rachel and Robert. Another couple, Brittney and Joshua, making out with each other. We are also introduced to Emily and Stephen who are recently engaged and are planning their wedding. We are also introduced to Edman and Gabriel. Gabriel has recently discovered that she is pregnant and is trying to find out how to reveal this fact to Edman who is clearly not ready to be a father. She seeks counsel from Dr. Ross, a therapist.