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Strange Attractors Poster

Strange Attractors

5:00 pm
Feb 25
Runtime: 5:16
Festival: 2021
Genre: Abstract Experimental Music-Video

Amid the ineffable uncertain void of Shiva’s gamma annihilation and one grain avalanches, the frenetic and torpid whorl of gluons and muons, shudder and judder upon the soul of Democritus. Heisenberg’s bifurcations, the restless swarming of Yin and Yang are reckoned in the ephemeral pirouettes of Dirac’s space and time.

The “visual music” collaborations of Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman attempt to produce a synesthesia like experience. The audience is encouraged to “see” the music and “hear” the visuals. The imagery and audio components are constructed without hierarchy, a true melding of sound and image.

Director/Animation : Harvey Goldman
Music : Jing Wang