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Space Castle Poster

Space Castle

The "damsel in distress" trope is turned on its heel when a daring rescue attempt goes awry.


7:43 min.






It has been said that the best laid plans of mice and men will often go awry. This is also true of plans made by intergalactic princesses, wayward astronauts, sarcastic robots, evil space wizards, and gazpacho-enthusiast aliens.

An astronaut and their once-top-of-the-line robot have crash landed on a mysterious desert planet, barely escaping with their lives intact. Lacking any defenses, resources, or even a sense of direction.

They are strangers in a strange land who happen to come across an even stranger local: a green life-form with a habit of over sharing and an under appreciation of object permanence.

Together, this motley crew search for their abducted princess, kidnapped by an evil wizard. But this doesn't mean that the princess is some damsel in distress, just as it doesn't mean that simply because a wizard might be evil that they are particularly capable of keeping said princess in their space castle.


Director/Producer/The Princess : Crystal Hughes
Cinematographer/Editor : Gregory Taylor
Henchman #2 : A. Monnie Aleahmad
Henchman #1 : Miles Arnay
The Robot (VO) : Diana Chernansky
The Astronaut : David Menich
The Alien : Cynthia Zitter