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Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams is a feature length documentary that reveals the horrific trauma endured by survivors of sex trafficking in America.

10:30 pm
Sep 19
Runtime: 55:00

Reports of sex trafficking continue to grow at alarming rates in all corners of the country, affecting American citizens of every race, gender, age, and socioeconomic class. Experts and law enforcement struggle to combat this underground criminal enterprise as it expands online. Yet traffickers perpetually evolve their tactics to lure, manipulate, and force a shocking number of young girls into selling their bodies to meet the high demand for commercial sex.

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America is a first of its kind, feature length documentary that explores the deeply rooted psychological issues that victims of sex trafficking face on a daily basis at the hands of pimps and buyers. Through first- hand, heartbreaking testimony of abuse from three survivors of the illicit sex trade, the incredibly complex nature of this form of modern-day slavery is revealed. Investigative interviews with leading experts from across the country provide further insight on what drives the industry, exposing shocking revelations about the society we live in and the misconceptions many of us harbor that allow sex trafficking to thrive.

Despite the overwhelming suffering experienced by survivors, the film highlights how there can be hope for a better life after being trafficked. Although there is increased awareness in places like San Diego, the film sheds light on just how far behind we are in tackling this issue nationwide.

Will we act now to prevent future generations from falling victim to a life of shattered dreams?

Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer : Bill Wisneski
Writer/Producer : Ashley Olson
Writer/Producer/Cinematographer : Mona Urban
Producer/Editor : Chad Richmond