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A celestial event sparks a series of mysterious disappearances. A father, that is desperately searching for his daughter Audrey, finds more than he was looking for.




A mysterious woman is running from an unseen terror. Unfortunately, her effort doesn’t matter as she gets caught by a masked figure. Somewhere else and a couple days later, a girl named Audrey is in a hurry as she packs her bags in preparation of going to a much-anticipated photoshoot against the wishes and intuition of her parents. Bad news flashes on the television talking of mysterious lights and disappearances of local girls. Despite their bad feelings and the ominous omens, they let her go meet this mysterious person that will be taking photos of their daughter. At the scene of the photoshoot Audrey can't seem to shake the feeling that her "friend" is a bit off. Both her and her parents’ feelings are shown to be valid has she gets knocked out and kidnapped.

Audrey is being held against her will, locked away with a familiar face of a missing girl she had seen on the news. Strange figures come in and out of where she is being held. Unknown to her, her father is desperately trying to find her. When Audrey's dad finally does find her, he is overpowered and brutally murdered. His death leads to Audrey's salvation as she attempts to flee to get help. She gets caught before she can make it for help. A strange truth is revealed to her, as she finds out the menacing plot of her captors.

The grief and anger she feels from what happened to the woman with her and the death of her father give her to the strength to overpower the evil that has imprisoned her.