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Random Knowledge

The final round at a pub trivia game puts the random knowledge of six oddly-matched teammates to the test. ...but knowing is only half the battle.

3:00 pm
Sep 15
Runtime: 16:50

Random Knowledge is the story of the Fallopian Boobs, the 3rd best trivia team in Austin, the 5th best trivia team in Texas and the 1st best trivia team in their own minds.

It’s crunchtime as they reach the end of their weekly game and their sights are set on snatching first place from their bitter rivals, Boner of a Lonely Shart.

Can they make up enough points to take them down?

Writer/Director : Michael Charron
Cinematography : Steven Gunter
Bears : David Howe
Gibson : Pat Dean
Trivia Host : Rob Gagnon