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Paranormal Dick

A Private Detective living in LA who uses magic when on a case. Think Magnum P.I. meets Harry Potter, minus the mustache and glasses.


43:02 min.






An hour-long fantasy-based serial/peridural hybrid.

Imaging everything you've ever read or seen in fairy tales, horror films, and best-selling fiction
book series are exactly real. There is a thin line between the world you know and the things
unseen. Alex McCoy, a Private Detective living in Los Angeles walks that line every day.
Alex was born with special abilities, he’s not like one of the gifted X-Men and he’s not a God;
like Thor, but he does have the ability to sense magical energies. That’s right magic is real. The
forces are all around us, there for anyone to use, but only certain individuals like Alex, have the
natural “ability” to tap in and manipulate it to their will. Alex has chosen a profession of helping
people, using his gift to aid individuals when there is no other help and occasionally does the
normal job as well, using his abilities to pay the rent.

He doesn’t do cheating spouses.

The pilot opens on Alex having one of his standard vision dreams, for most of his life he’s been
plagued with images; be it past, present or future. He makes it his mission to try and solve
them... But before Alex even has a chance to wrap his head around his vision, a knock at the
door quickly sends his day spiraling from one misadventure to the next.