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Of Course God Is An Alien Poster

Of Course God Is An Alien

It ain't necessarily so, It ain't necessarily so, They tell all the children, The devil's a villian, But it ain't necessarily so.


16:50 min.




Sal and Guido are thrown out of the UFD (Universal Federation of Deities) when they are caught insider trading. The UFD is the official body overseeing the universal tra de in the souls of the deceased; they control 80% of the known universe.... Guido, Sal and Guido's wife Gabriella must now contemplate their futures; they decide to start a new Earth based religion because the primitive planet is not under UFD control. Guido assumes the role of God while Sal becomes Satan.


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor : Rokk Lattanzio
Cinematographer : Konrad McCarthy
Morticia : Jo Boyd
Gabriella : Robyn Duse
Narrator : Dave Weller