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A young couple discover a parallel version of themselves while surfing the Internet.


1:20:35 min.






'Occupants' is a film about Annie Curtis, an award-winning documentarian and her husband Neil. Annie and Neil embark on a '30 Days of Clean Living' documentary, setting up cameras all over their house to document, via the Internet, their new eating habits. By doing so, half of their cameras capture a parallel version of themselves - a version that ultimately unravels and threatens their very existence. One morning, Annie settles in to watch her initial footage. She becomes clearly unnerved by what she sees: It's her and Neil, sitting in what appears to be their living room - only it isn't them. They’re two different people existing in a parallel universe - and, unlike the wedded bliss she shares with her own Neil, the couple in the video are clearly unhappy- most notably with each other. Things become more stressful when Annie and Neil discover that their "parallels" are contemplating murder... and that a worm hole is slowly opening that'll soon connect their two worlds. They desperately seek help from a former professor of Annie's, in the hope they can "close" their universe to the two who now threaten them - as well as the life of their yet unborn child.


Director : Russ Emanuel
Dr. Alan Peterson : Robert Picardo
Annie Curtis : Briana White
Neil Curtis : Michael Pugliese



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