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Mad World Poster

Mad World

1:00 pm
Feb 23
Runtime: 18:35
Festival: 2021
Genre: Drama Fantasy

Follow a bewitching brave-hearted woman (Nicole Sassaman) through five different worlds full of color, drama, and touch of fantasy. Through a mysterious portal, Nicole is thrust into a journey where she meets a handful of interesting, possibly questionable, individuals as she dives into realms that explore stardom, inner-reflection and using your voice for good.

Writer/Director : Lauri Levenfeld
Writer/Director/PanAm : Grace Wethor
Executive Producer : Nicole Sassaman
The Iconic : Kathleen Bradley
ChanHell Capone : Lilimar
C. 'Little Red' Luciano : Charlene Geisler
Céline 'The Janitor' Soprano : Tiffany Dion
The Shapeshifter : Courtney Nelson
Director of Photography : Pavel Fedorov
Sound Mixer : Chris Howland