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1600 years after his birth in Ireland, Tearlach O’Rian fights to save souls from the fires of Hell while battling his own demons.


1:00:00 min.




In a crowded high end nightclub a girl is roofied and her friend offers to take
her home. Across town an intoxicated bar patron decides to drive to the
same club. A collision at an intersection sends all three to the hospital. On
the surface it seems like a coincidence, but something bigger is at play.
Tearlach O’Rian saw his parents brutally killed by invaders before being
kidnapped and sold into slavery in Kilpatrick Ireland in 392 AD. Now he sits
in a modern Irish pub in the states, finishing a pint and a corned beef on
rye. He pays in cash, and its all large bills.

The Dark Stranger puts obstacles in people’s way. A vial of rohypnol, a rare
coin, a word here, a suggestion there. We learn a little more of his
relationship with Tearlach as they share a table at a local coffee house.
When The Dark Stranger mentions Dennis, Tearlach’s employee, we
realize that The Dark Stranger and Tearlach are at odds with one another,
opponents countering one another’s moves in a game of chess played with
immortal souls.

Across town, another battle is under way as a drug dealer, Hernandez,
prepares for a large transaction. His supply lines are being disrupted and
quite of bit of cash has been taken from his street dealers. Tearlach claims
responsibility and meets with Hernandez. Tearlach needs something from
Hernandez and tells him, “I’ve got a job for ya’.” We are left wondering what
the connection is between Hernandez and the rest of the story.

This is the pilot episode of “LIMBO”, a one hour dark supernatural drama
about Tearlach O’Rian, a 1600 year old Irishman that works to save souls
from Hell while battling his own demons. He will continue until he gets it
right. If he can just figure out what that means.


Writer/Director/Producer : Pat Dortch
Producer : Emily Gold
Producer/Cinematographer/Editor : Joe Stauffer
Det Bob Simpson : Gary Weeks
The Dark Stranger : Josh Murray
Father of the Bride : Brett Baker
Todd's Mother : Beth Felice
Jackie Founders : Javon Johnson
Det Randall Wycliffe : Isaiah Stratton
Andrew Hunter : Alex