Official Selections


When a man overwhelmed with rage goes through denial and a phase of destruction he must find peace in his father’s last words and douse the flames of anger and revenge.

7:30 pm
Sep 16
Runtime: 4:32

A man mourns the absence of his recently deceased parents. The man hears his father speaking to him as he reads a letter containing his father's last words. He can’t finish reading. The man leaves broken. The man loses himself in a fit of rage… He collects himself. The man is now in the bathroom. He looks in the mirror and accepts more of his father's words. The man goes outside and finishes reading his father’s last words. He is now inside and he wears different clothes. The man ponders the end of the letter. He is at peace. A final message of optimism and love is spoken from father to son. The man puts away the letter. He no longer needs his crutch. The fire has gone out.

Writer/Director/Editor : Brett Puglisi
Producer : Joe Wooley
Cinematography : Spencer Stoneberg
Father : Joe Wooley