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In a looming future where social media celebrities dominate our culture, X is the world’s supreme online icon—but how far must she go to hold on to her popularity?


14:58 min.






In a future where social media celebrities dominate our culture, X lives the dream—she's connected, adored, and instantly validated by her hundreds of millions of followers. The ultimate influencer, icons like her are all we watch, all we listen to, all we care about.

From her high tech studio apartment, X manages a virtual empire with the help of TE’A, an omnipresent artificial intelligence. Every moment of her day is a product bought and sold. With the swipe of her hand, the warmth of her smile, or the turn of her hip, she drives markets, builds brands, and changes minds. She embodies the complete merger of culture and commerce.

Yet one thoughtless remark can reveal how fragile her tower of public adoration really is. As X struggles to sustain her popularity, a corrupting virus invades her regulated existence and forces her to question her reality. When her perfect life is threatened, how can X know what's true, what's fake, and whether or not everything she's built will collapse?