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Follow the Arrow

A Man, a Woman, a Quest… a Hunt. Between the hunter and the hunted who will win ?


13:00 min.




This short film, the first by Marc SAEZ, delves into sensuality, mystery and romance. Claire de Duras wrote in in 1824 that the definition of romanticism is that wich “cannot be defined”. Romanticism is characterized by a willingness to explore every artistic possibility for expressing the ecstasies and torments of the heart and soul: It is a sentimental reaction towards reason, exalting both mystery and fantasy and seeking escape and delight in dreams, morbidity, the sublime, the exotic and things past. This film plunges us into that waltz of feeling and pleasure. “FOLLOW THE ARROW” is mealty, surprising and daring. The cinematography is superb. The actors Jean-Marie LAMOUR and Véronique PICCIOTTO fill their characters with substance and ambiguity. The Writer/Director Marc SAEZ establishes his vision and style through the use of bold framing and camera positions. His decision to mix
genres is truly successful and surprising. A film and a filmmaker you truly should not miss.