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Fear of the Unsettled Mind Poster

Fear of the Unsettled Mind

What dreams do troubled minds reveal? Dive into the images of light and sound, to find meaning where they may be none.




Fear of the Unsettled Mind is a found footage/avant garde short that perfectly captures what happens when a filmmaker desperately wants to make a film, but lacks the time and money in the moment to film something. Compiled from old footage shot during the summer of 1998 as well as archival film my father shot when he was a young man in the 1960s, Fear of the Unsettled Mind is a visual dream-like collection of image, music, and sound, peppered with quotes of famous surrealists. Is this what dreams look like? Why are dogs so prevalent? Is this structure, or merely complimentary forms blended together? Much like dreams themselves, none of these questions shall fully be answered.


Writer/Director/Editor/Young Dreamer : David Maddox
The Dreamer : Ryan McDonald
The Voice : Kalpana Pot