Official Selections

Dreamland Xidi

2:30 pm
Sep 18
Runtime: 30:00

In ‘Dreamland Xidi’, we meet Wu Fengfang, a local guesthouse manager in Xidi, a rural village in Anhui province where the old ways and buildings of the Hui people are mostly as they have been for more than 900 years. As we wander the village alleys we see Xidi’s highlights and its history, taking in the customs and observing the local life as the people peacefully go about their business. Locally grown and even wild picked vegetables are available along with other local produce, complementing these authentic lifestyles. After visiting the nearby Hongcun village we can see how this simple life is now augmented by many visitors who come to see, paint and photograph the delights of Xidi and the local area, sampling the delicacies and increasing the village’s prosperity.

Director : Tracy Wang
Producer : Sindy Wang
Story Teller : Wu Fengfang