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Dark Reel

When the reel becomes real.


1:09:00 min.




After his girlfriend leaves him, lonely horror movie buff Adam Waltz (Edward Furlong- Terminator 2, America History X, Detroit Rock City) to Los Angeles to be closer to her. There he lands a walk-on role in studio chief Connor Pritchett's (Lance Henriksen- Aliens, Millennium, Pumpkinhead) latest cinematic schlockfest, Pirate Wench. One night, a killer starts stalking the set, and before long bodies are piling up. On the downside, it wreaks havoc with the film's budget. On the upside, Adam's part keeps getting bigger and bigger. With ace police detectives Shields (Tony Todd- Candyman, Platoon) LaRue (Rena Riffel- Showgirls, Mulholland Dr) the case, everyone hopes the mystery will be solved quickly. But when Adam begins seeing the ghost of an actress who died fifty years ago, there may be more to this serial killing spree than a psycho with a taste for torture. Several cast members will be attending the screening


Writer/Director : Josh Eisenstadt