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Beauty, Brains, and Personality Poster

Beauty, Brains, and Personality

What makes up the perfect woman?

1:00 pm
Feb 20
Runtime: 1:31:06
Festival: 2021
Genre: Rom-Com

At a monthly dinner party between three female friends, one announces to the others, “Together we make up the perfect woman -- you’re the brains, you’re the personality, and I’M the beauty!” The other two are devastated.

Six months later the three are each facing defining moments in their life. One is struggling to be more than simply "the beauty" and failing miserably. Another faces a career change and extracurricular explorations. And the third faces a complete change in lifestyle as she prepares to have a baby -- alone.

Trials ensue, but ultimately the three women are able to define themselves and their friendship beyond a one-dimensional view of beauty, brains, and personality.

Writer/Director/Director of Photography/Editor : Emmett Loverde
Producer : Ed Sanders
Producer : Dawn Jacobs
Jessica Marshal : Tiana Tuttle
Alexis Phillips : Lynette Price
Candy Waterman : Samantha Skelton
Dr. Stroman : Taylor Nichols
Lynette Price : Alexis Phillips
Dr. Worthington : Tom Schanley
Bruce L. Hart : Mr. Weem
Ron Burke : Bill Mendieta
Celeste : Reva Rose