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Beast Mode

'Bad boy' actor Huckle Saxton lets fame get to his head and turns into a ferocious beast, ripping Hollywood to shreds. Will he sink his teeth into the role of a lifetime or succumb to the dangers of the Hollywood lifestyle?


1:26:34 min.




When Breen Nash accidentally kills his only client and meal ticket, he turns to an ancient herbal extract with the hope that it will resurrect both his client and his career.

He soon learns this elixir brings out the worst in those who imbibe, turning them into bloodthirsty, shape-shifting beasts, leaving Breen no recourse but to stop the creatures himself before his own inner beast consumes him.


Director/Writer/Producer : Chris W. Freeman
Director/Writer/Producer : Spain Willingham
Executive Producer : Sudhir Dubey
Associate Producer : Tyler Jackson
Executive Producer : Robert Lutz
Co-Producer : Gregg Naaman
Co-Producer : Jeremy Robinson
Producer : Aaron Scotti
Executive Producer : Micheal Yopko
Composer : Paul Cristo
Composer : Tom Schraeder
Cinematographer : Matt Ryan
Breen Nash : C. Thomas Howell
Trammel Steadfast : Ray Wise
Wish Rudabaker : James Hong
Officer Len Reynolds : Adam Zastrow
Huckle Saxton : James Duval
Chrome Mangle : Robert Costanzo
Dustin Foxxx : Aaron Scotti
Mother Chic'ya : Isabella Cascarano



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