Artist Showcase: Mark Draws

August 7, 2019

Hey Filmmakers! Are you looking for an artist to give your project’s marketing that pro look and feel? Do you love the illustration poster work of the likes of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Big Trouble in Little China? Then you have to take a look at the work of Mark Hammermeister.

Back when I was sporting acid washed jeans and desperately trying to fight off a mullet, I walked into the library at Woodhaven High, south of Detroit, Michigan, and saw a fantastic hand drawn illustration of Led Zeppelin on stage. The shading and lighting were remarkable. The artist in me was green with envy at the level of detail and finish it had.

That was probably the first time I saw Mark’s work. Many years later we connected on Facebook and I’ve been following his career ever since. Commissioned a painting for one of my friends for her birthday a few years back. My friend as Superwoman flying over a city. She told me she cried when she got it and proudly hangs it in her house. Thanks again, Mark. WINNER: Best Gift Giver Ever!

Mark’s work has been showcased and commission for by a long list of national and world syndications. Playboy Magazine, Sports Illustrated, LucasFilm, Marvel, Disney, Fox, FX Networks, Topps, Intel, Mother Jones, Red Bull, Bungie, Paramount Pictures, Hanna Barbera Animation Studios, Citibank, The New York Observer, The Mortgage Observer, The Commercial Observer, Leader’s Edge, ImagineFX, HorrorHound Magazine, HOW Magazine, ABN AMRO, C-Ville, Seattle Met, 2D Artist, The Celestial Teapot, The Browser, and the Nashville City Paper, among others.

Mark’s Awards include illustrations in the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, 3×3, The 2015 Little Chimp Society Award and Creative Quarterly. Recently chosen as one of Creative Quarterly’s Top 25 Illustrators of 2014.

For more of Mark’s work visit his website:

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