2021 Podcast Official Selections

February 19, 2021

This year at Kapow Intergalactic Virtual Film Festival 2021, we opened our submissions to podcasts. These are the gems we received, and we’re excited to share their wisdom with you!

Talk About Apples

Creator: Lacye Brown.
Relive the history of An eccentric witch doctor who is close to solving a mystery; finding his mother who has been kidnapped by fairies.

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Episode 9 –  It’s Time To Fly In This Folklore

Knowing there was more to this third dimension, Dr. Apples grew up alone. He is okay with this arrangement. The void of not having to accomodate to these issues gave him the freedom to explore his mind rather than socialize with the “Simples”.

All Things Undone

Creators: Chené Lawson and Joel Peissig

What if Black people couldn’t have been killed during the time of slavery in America? Mirabelle, an enslaved 25 yr old black woman, finds herself in a world of supernatural powers fighting the forces of evil to deliver the oppressed into a new age of peace. 

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Episode 1: Awaken

Episode 1 –  “AWAKEN” – In 1850’s Mississippi an ancient prophecy of a massive solar eclipse is about to be fulfilled, as  Mirabelle finds herself, once again, under threat by enslaver John Lawrence. However, unbeknownst to her, ancient forces are unfolding a much bigger plan for them all.

The Ol’ Timey Spectral Hour

Creator: Ashley Karp
Welcome to The Ol’ Timey Spectral Hour, a multi-episodic horror podcast unveiling paranormal hauntings, sinister ghosts, & problematic phantoms based off of true terror tales & lore. Turn the lights off, turn your volume up to 10, & let the spooky stories begin!

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Episode 1: Whiskey Hollow Road

Scout & Alice Manor drive down Whiskey Hollow Road in Baldwinsville, New York late one evening & come across some suspicious activity in the woods. What diabolical acts had transpired in those woods? Will the Manor sisters make it out alive? Tune in & hear the haunting tale!

KBOO Youth Collective

Creator: Lanita Duke
The KBOO Youth Collective provides an opportunity for youth under the age of 21 years to gain skills in radio broadcasting that is in the context of an ongoing community radio station, KBOO. We offer a safe and supportive setting where young people from all walks of life can gather to share their ideas amongst themselves as well as learn the technical skills needed to broadcast their thoughts, concerns and talents to the larger community.

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What is you favorite 2021 Kapow Podcast?