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Chris Kooreman

February 24, 2019

​Music & Film Producer / Creative Director Beat Royalty Group, Inc.

Chris Kooreman has been exposed to the creative world since the day his soul found a home on this planet. He grew up in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in a family steeped in rich musical and art tradition. Starting out as a breakdancer back in the ’80s while still a teenager, he soon developed skills as a crafty deejay. The combination of his musical background, dance experience and deejay skills gave him the building blocks to become the type of producer who knows how to infallibly reach people with the power of music and inevitably land several major label record deals and was was fortunate to have worked with some of the greats in the industry.  Because his artistic abilities extend beyond those of music producer, he often got assigned to produce and oversee the music videos and visual designs as well.

Armed with a talent for production, a degree in business and marketing, and the extensive experience and relationships he has built with Industry Greats, it was a natural progression for Chris to begin producing films as well. Nowadays, Chris lives in Los Angeles and is the MD of Beat Royalty Group, Inc. – a team of award winning composers, writers, producers, mixer/engineers, art directors and creators.  Chris is a team player, a motivator who knows how to put the right people together for any project and an artistic director for new upcoming talent.