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Sundeep Koneru

February 25, 2019


Sundeep Koneru is one of the fastest rising film producers in the business today. At the age of 16, Sundeep started working in the family business of real estate and restaurants. With a bachelor’s in business, Sundeep broke into film working for John Cameron’s production company Film Engine Productions. In 2014 Sundeep started his own production company Sunrize Media. Since 2014 Sunrize Media has worked on Bloody Bobby (2016), Karma Thing (2017), Diablo Steel (2017), Death Never Knocks (2017), 666: Highway to Hell (2018), and Time Jacked (2019). In 2016 Sundeep Koneru founded KaPow IFF a film festival that raises funds for Kevin Smiths’s charity The Wayne Foundation